Tunnels, Glitters, Pressure, and Tingling


I have been meditating 1 hour daily for 5 months. One month before I started feel tingling, pressure, and like heartbeat on my forehead. I can feel it 24 hours especialy concentrating on any thing. But it is not painful. One week before, during meditation, I felt a journey through a dark long tunnel, in the way I saw glitters. But I couldn't see its other end. After that day I see glitters daily during meditation. Please explain, is all things ok ?

—hariom sharan, india


Dear Hariom,

It is wonderful to hear of your commitment to daily meditation. Are you following Yogananda’s techniques of Kriya Yoga as part of your meditations? It would be easier for me to answer your questions more specifically, if I understood what form of meditation techniques you are using.

But just answering in general, what you are experiencing is very common to have happen in. The tingling, tunnel, glitters, pressure and so on are simply indications that your inner energy is beginning to wake up and move about and focus itself at your spiritual eye. This is a good thing!

The phenomena you are describing doesn’t happen to everyone, and really doesn’t need to for meditation to be effective. But if it does, just know it is a “gift of encouragement,” and to keep up the good work – but always with humility and always asking God (and your Guru if you have one) to guide you and be with you in your meditative life.