Understanding the Christian Communion Ceremony


How did Master or Kriyananda define the Christian concept of communion, and the terms body and blood? People I've discussed this with (both Christian and non) seem confused, or really don't know.

—Mike, USA


Dear Mike,

“Communion” in the largest sense of the word means inward communing or communication with God/Christ/Gurus through meditation.

In the Christian church, communion ceremonies came about to help remind people of higher inner realities. Unfortunately the symbolism has gotten lost during the many years since these ceremonies were established in the early Christian communities.

Here is Yogananda’s explanation for the symbols of the bread and the wine:

“Symbolic Christian Rites: There are ceremonies in Christian churches in which people drink blessed wine as the blood of Jesus Christ and blessed bread as his flesh. This is symbolical. This ceremony should remind true devotees that by learning the technique of meditation from a Christ-like soul, they can learn to eat or absorb Christ Consciousness (bread) in their consciousness and drink or recharge in their lives the blood or Cosmic Energy present in Christ Consciousness and thus attain everlasting life.”

From: “The Second Coming of Christ: Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood” by Paramhansa Yogananda (Inner Culture Magazine, July 1939)