Having Unusual Meditative Experiences


Good evening

I’ve never tried to sit properly and meditate but after doing a fast during the Maha shivaratri celebration, and singing bhajans the whole night without food and sleep, a strange thing happened. I went into a meditative state and for one week my third eye was tingling. There was strong energy flowing all over my body. I felt I was falling fast into a deep abyss between my eyebrows and my breath would stop and chest and body would start expanding, as if air was filling the body. Why did this happen ?

—Esha, India


Dear Esha,

From what you’ve described it seems that you have experienced an awakening of your inner prana (life force) or the kundalini energy.

The increased focus of your awareness through the fasting, devotional chanting (bhajans), and lack of sleep, seems to have stimulated these experiences that you have mentioned.

The important thing now is to continue to expand your consciousness and awareness, through regular, deep meditation on a daily basis. This will help you integrate whatever experiences may come to you.

I encourage you to connect with Ananda India and learn the meditation techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda; these techniques will give you the balancing effect of being grounded and expansive as you grow spiritually.

Blessings on your spiritual journey,

Nayaswami Pranaba