Using Meditation to Resolve Practical Problems


I am in a peculiar situation and know not what to do. I was unhappy with my present job and was searching for a job for the past 1 year. There is no problem with my present org, its only that I do not enjoy what I am doing and cant ask for a change until June next year. My search for another job has yielded fruits and I have got an offer from another company. But, I have learnt that it will be like jumping from the frying pan to the fire - work culture, boss, timing et al. Pl help in deciding.

—Anon, India


Dear Anon,

Situations such as you are stating come up in our lives often. I so appreciate the spiritual path as it helps to find answers not only practically but intuitively. Both are needed as finding answers only in a practical way may not give you what you really want.

To find answers intuitively, you need to know how to meditate. In meditation one learns how to become calm and centered. One learns also how to raise the energy, through this calmness. When the energy is uplifted, intuition can be perceived. This is mainly because your concentration is not focused on obsessing the problems.

If you are a meditator, then you do know that giving your problems to the guru, asking for his intervention, will help raise your energy and free you from worry.

Once you are freed from worry, feeling secure that the guru will help you, the answers will come.

Hold up to the guru, to God, both jobs and feel which one is right, feel His answer in your heart. Bless you. I hope that you perceive what is right for you.