Can You Manifest Just by Visualizing?


I often visualize my dream house and projects for which I’m working but I have my doubts. When I involve people while visualizing, in the sense that they will help me succeed, I often get doubts and feel negative which makes my visualizations lifeless. If I remind myself that all belongs to the divine, that makes my thought process feel 'whole' and it comes frommy heart without doubts. Is this the right way to do it? Eliminating the dependence on people and relying only on the soul or God in our real selves?

—Rajat Sharma, India


You are blessed to feel to ask this question and desire to do your best. Keep the focus of your visualization clear and simple. This will increase your magnetism and ability to draw the results you are looking for and those results which are in tune with the greater whole. This is very important.

We want what we do to be in harmony with others and with the world. We want it to be in tune with the Divine. This kind of magnetism will also naturally draw those who can help you to succeed and be helped by the project as well. While you don’t want to be dependent upon others, we need to learn how to be in relationship with them, and to be channels for a cooperative spirit and the creation of environments that help people to grow and expand.

Joy to You,
Nayaswami Maria