Varying Experiences of the Spiritual Eye


During the first Jyoti Mudra meditation, I see thick golden or yellow ring or circle with a DARK center. NOT blue but a dark center.

The yellow ring is not smooth like in the pictures. It is round but the with rough circumference.

Is this the spiritual eye? And if it is then where is the rest of it?

Also, I can see this yellow circle the strongest during the first Jyoti Mudra and then I cannot see it during the 2nd & 3rd. Why is that?

—D. P., USA


Dear D.P.,

The spiritual eye is the reflection of the energy from the top of the spine at the medulla, projected forward. The spiritual eye is always shining in every person, but our restless minds keep our mental screen too agitated for us to be able to see that light.

You have possibly had the experience of seeing a perfectly still lake, in which you could see straight to the bottom of the water because it was unmoving. And you have probably seen bodies of water that are churned up and you can’t see anything through them.

This is the situation with our minds. Within you, as within everyone, the spiritual eye is shining perfectly but because of restlessness and past karma, you can’t see it perfectly.

Swami Kriyananda has said that sometimes even deep meditators can’t see the spiritual eye, simply because some past karma won’t allow it.

Seeing a golden ring with a dark (but not blue center) is not unusual. Nor is it unusual that the ring is not perfectly formed. It’s also not unusual to see more light during your first practice of Jyoti mudra and then less after that.

The paradox of the spiritual eye is that the more intensely – as in “with tension” – we look for it, the less we will be able to see it. Our minds must be calm, relaxed, and focused. And patient.

Be sure that your meditation is deepened through devotion. That will help purify the heart and calm the mind.

In divine friendship,