Vibration During Sleep


I am meditation for more than 5 to 6 years now.

Very often I have noticed during the sleeping hours my complete body is vibrating , this vibration is not really hurting so I can be with this. Since this happening during the sleeping hour I don’t know what time I am getting back to my normal state.

My question is that , is it something related to my meditation ( like symptoms showing that I am going to my next level?)

Awaiting for your reply.


Sreeni VK

—sreeni kumaran, uae


Dear Sreeni,

Congratulations on being a regular meditator. What you’re experiencing might be related to meditation, a possible kundalini experience. It’s hard to say exactly what such an experience would mean as far as your growth is concerned; it might merely indicate that energy is moving.

On the other hand, it might be a physiological issue that is unrelated to meditation. The good news is that the vibration does not seem to be causing problems for you. If you want to investigate this possibility further, you could talk to a physician and see what the possibilities are from a medical point of view.

Or since it is causing no problems for you, you could simply wait and see what develops. Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to say exactly what is happening.

All the best to you.