Violence in the Media


If a person watches crime shows are they attracting negative things into their life. What advice would you give those who do watch things like “Law and Order”?

—jim, united States


Dear Jim,

Our society has debated the effects of watching violence on TV or in video games. Putting aside social trends and impacts and returning to your own personal question, it’s safe to say that each person responds to such exposure differently. I know some who recoil from such scenes of violence while others seem untouched.

But where a person sincerely is on the spiritual path and who does so through prayer, meditation, and devotion, it is important to leave behind unnecessary exposure of one’s subconscious mind to images of negativity and violence.

I would say, “Why waste your time?” (watching such shows and, indeed, watching any shows more than just occasionally!). Study (listening and reading) of uplifted teachings, chants, helping out in your local community, improving your skills and knowledge, sharing with friends,arts and music, there’s so much more engaging and uplifting activities in life than (those lifeless) TV shows.

So, begin by limiting your time spent in this and gradually redirect your attention to more positive activities, such as outgrowing sickly sweet candy that you may have liked as a child, so too you’ll find that as you grow and mature spiritually, such activities will hold no interest for you. One step at a time! OK?


Nayaswami Hriman