Visualization in meditation


Can you help with any tips on visualizing energy entering the oblongata during energisation excersices?

—Robert, New Zealand


Dear Robert,

Congratulations on being a regular Energizer! It’s truly an invaluable practice.

You might not be a beginner, but for the sake of someone who is, Swami Kriyananda recommended that beginners simply visualize energy flooding the center of the body part(s) being tensed—without attention to where that energy is entering or flowing through the body. And if you don’t yet feel that energy, imagine what it might feel like if you could feel it.

Once you are comfortable with that and are truly feeling the energy, you can, if you like, shift to visualizing energy entering via the medulla oblongata and flowing directly to the center of the body part(s). Don’t get caught in an elaborate visualization, tracing every twist and turn of the energy’s path; that would merely introduce complexity and guesswork to what should be a simple, clear practice.

There is no specific color that you should use for energy in your visualization. Do what works for you.

Also, don’t limit yourself to a “seeing-only” visualization; make “feeling” a major part of it. If you can feel energy, but not yet its flow, imagine how the flow might feel if you could feel it.

Have you taken the free 30-Day Energization Challenge? If not, give it a try.

Nayaswami Gyandev