Are My Vivid Visions Normal?


After a shower of extreme bliss fell on me during prayer, vivid visions have occurred. I had a vision of purple with gold wings. Peaceful faces and one very frightening. So much that I called out to Michael and he came and showed me a symbol and said Tiger you must go to the sundown. A rushing vibration in my ears and billions of teardrop like golden white petals appeared, I have risen above the earth but most recently I was meditating and stopped breathing. Is this normal? I need to talk w u

—Joyce, Usa


Dear Joyce,

What you are describing is not abnormal. Many things can, and often do, happen as a part of our prayer and meditation practices.

The exact symbols or things you may “see” or experience are not necessarily important enough for you to need to understand each one individually. What is important is that you pray deeply to God and your Guru (if you have one), right at the moment that these events happen, asking for their help to guide you and protect you.

Pray that if there is anything you need to learn or know from what is happening, that it will be revealed to you clearly, by God/Gurus. The answers to this prayer may not come immediately, but keep asking sincerely. If it is important for you to understand more, then you will. If not, then just let it go, knowing that often things like this come into our subconscious mind, in order to entertain us—something it does regularly in nightly dreams.

One part of what you mentioned (the rushing vibration in your ears) is probably one of the inner sounds of AUM (Om), the cosmic vibration of all creation, which is often heard by deeply meditating yogis. If you hear it again, pray for help, then try to absorb yourself into that vibration.

You also mention that you “stopped breathing.” Breathlessness is often experienced by those who meditate deeply. If you don’t already know it, please learn the Hong-Sau technique of meditation through Ananda Sangha. We can teach you how to work with your breath and breathlessness, in a meaningful and safe way.

In any case, it is wonderful to hear that you experienced a “shower of extreme bliss” as a part of your prayers and meditation. Enjoy the blessings of that part of your experience, with a grateful and loving heart.