Watching a Loved One Die


My 85 year old father went into the hospital on September 17, 2010 and was discharged on October 14, 2010. He appeared to be getting better and stronger and became ill again on October 17, 2010 has been in the hospital ever since. They have done everything they can and now he is slowly dying. It is one of the hardest things that I have had to do to watch my dad die. I pray for inner strength but still find it hard to get through this. How do I let him go, when I can't seem to let him go?

—Asha Rodriguez, United States


Dear Asha,

We are very sorry to hear of your father’s illness and that he will probably leaving this world soon.

It is often very hard to be strong and centered, when this is happening to someone you love very much. It is important to pray for strength for yourself and for him, too, to be able to let go of each other gracefully, as he makes his transition.

When you feel unable to face your grief, call on the power of the Great Ones, such as Yogananda or Jesus to help you through these challenging times. They will stand beside you if you ask!

And remember that death is only a doorway into the Astral World, a much better place than this material world we live in now. It is there that both of you will someday be reunited, and laugh together and wonder why you felt any sorrow at your temporary parting.

For there is no separation really. Our souls are one in God. Pray to realize this truth very deeply. It is attachment that makes us suffer.

All of us have died and been re-born many times. Thinking about this might help you get a bigger picture and ease your mind just a bit.

Meanwhile we will pray for you and for your father, also.