Ways to Remember God


How to remember God even when performing worldly activities?

—Mina, Sri Lanka


Dear Mina,

Your question is what all devotees face — how to keep God in our consciousness always. This is the beginning and end of the spiritual path, for when you do finally succeed you will be with God.

To try to remember God each moment is a training process for the mind to help us feel God’s presence while doing our worldly activities. Worldly activities in themselves are not bad. Most are needed. But to keep remembering God takes concentration on what you are doing and how you are handling the situations you find yourself in.

One very good way is to keep saying over and over to yourself a phrase that makes you feel His presence, such as, “I love You, God” or “OM Guru”. Find some phrase that engages your mind toward God. These phrases are called mantras. If you keep this phrase going all the time, eventually the phrase will become a habit and will repeat itself in the back of your mind while you are doing your worldly activities.

Other ways are to have pictures of your guru, a saint who uplifts your consciousness, or any representation of God for you. Put these pictures in places where you will see them often. Bow to them either physically or mentally. Take a moment when you see them to remember God.

Learn how to meditate. Meditation will calm the mind so that you have a chance to remember God. It’s difficult to remember Him with a mind that is full of “noise”, so to speak. Calmness, cleanliness, and love are all aspects that will attract God to you.

Be a friend to everyone you meet. See God in them as they, too, are children of God, as you are. Feel God’s love flowing through you to them.

These are some ways to remember God. Bless you in your attempt and keep your commitment no matter what.

Joy to you,