Wearing a bindi?



I was wondering — What does Master say about wearing a Bindi? I feel a strong desire to wear one, but I don’t know if it’s useful spiritually or would be just a decoration. I’d like to show my commitment to this path, and like the idea of emphasizing my spiritual eye by wearing a Bindi. Does Master say anything on this Subject? It’s kinda a silly question, but I was wondering and had to ask. I know most devout hindu’s in india wear them, but not sure if anyone at Ananda does..


—Kris, America


Dear Kris, I have searched through Yogananda’s teachings and have not found a single reference to the wearing of a bindi in the forehead (to emphasize the spirital eye).

You ask if anyone at Ananda does this and the answer is yes, but usually only at special events or celebrations, such as the big Indian banquets we often have, for which most people dress in colorful Indian clothing.

It is good to remember that Yogananda adapted to Western clothing and generally wore something like a Western business suit most of the time, unless he was speaking formally as a Swami; then he would wear the orange ceremonial Swami robes — but even then, never a bindi.

As much as he loved India and Indian food, traditions, etc, he often stated that he did not come to the West to convert people to Hinduism, but rather to teach them the deepest aspects of their own religion (Christianity) and of yoga (meditation practices). So he did his best to “fit in.”

Your question is not a silly one, especially since you say that you want to show your commitment to this path. But I’d say that there are better ways of doing that. Better to show your devotion to God and Gurus in your eyes, your smile, and your serviceful attitude to all whom you meet. They will notice! this, believe me!