Weeping for God


At times i get a sort of tickling or i don't know how to explain that feeling..it happens when i think of God or Gurudeva or if I am reading or listening to something that is devotional..it used to happen before also but these days it happens too often..I also get a lot of goosebumps!! {I weep a lot for God(which happens naturally) but still i am unable to listen to him}.can you please explain what this tickling kind of thing is and how to listen to Him and know what His Will is?


—Mansi , India


Dear Mansi,

I’ve noticed that Swami Kriyananda has lately been weeping in his talks when he is discussing God and Guru.

As he is in great joy, I can only assume that speaking of the Divine brings this joy into his heart. In feeling this kind of grace, how could one not weep?

This kind of devotion comes to many of us at different times. Mostly it’s an emotional kind of devotion, which is not, of course, bad. But in order to get into the state that Swamiji is in, we need to bring these feelings up to the Spiritual Eye and offer them up to the Divine there.

With the heart’s devotion uplifted, you can receive more clearly God’s messages. This hopefully will also help with the tickling sensations you are having.

Be more at the Spiritual Eye, calling to the divine there.

Joy to you,