What Are these Sounds I’m Hearing?


Last night as I lay wide awake in bed I heard music then in my right ear only a car horn, then shortly after a loud boom -- sounded like a gunshot -- again in my right ear only, then music again. I would love to know what this means.

—Tina Schmidt, United States


Thank you, Tina, for your question. Since you are asking, I’ll assume that you are thinking there might be a spiritual answer for this, and that what you are hearing are not material sounds from the physical universe.

Indeed, we each have the capacity to hear beyond the physical capabilities of hearing. We can hear as a function of our astral/energy body. It sounds like you are hearing a manifestation of the AUM vibration. These sounds are generated by the chakras (energy centers in the spine) and the quality of energy moving through them. Sometimes these sounds will sound like sounds we are more familiar with physically, but in their purest form they are of a nature that is both compelling and exquisite.

When you hear any sound in your right ear as you describe, try to enter into that sound, listening to it in the right ear and guiding that sound to your awareness at the point between the eyebrows. In this way the sound will be guided towards its highest expression and help to expand your awareness.

I would encourage you to learn meditation if you do not already know it, and specifically I would encourage you to learn the AUM Meditation Technique taught by Paramhansa Yogananda. It would seem that your soul is calling to you and trying to awaken your interest in this regard. A great blessing indeed!

Blessings in AUM,
Nayaswami Maria