What Happens After Death?



Stuck in one question,after death to physical body, where do the soul go,what happens to soul after death???

How do the soul enter into other body??

—Subramanya, India


Dear Friend:

The yogis teach that we are encased in 3 bodies: a physical body; an energy (or astral) body; and a causal body. When the physical body dies, the soul is still encased in the other two and exits the physical body by going up the astral spine and exiting. Just as in sleep each night, we withdraw from the physical senses and do not hear sounds, smells, etc., so too at death the senses and the limbs and organs gradually become numb as our life force begins to recede like a tide away from the land.

Going through the “birth” canal of the astral body we see a light (at the end of the tunnel of the astral spine) and exit out into the Astral World: a realm of light, color, and beauty. Like a fish out of water, however, the average person cannot sustain being conscious very long without a physical body and breath and soon falls into a swoon, a sleep just as we do each night.

Whether remaining conscious (as a yogi or person of higher consciousness does) in the astral world or falling asleep as most people do, we rest there until our “time is up.” Our karma — the seeds of which are embedded in the astral body along the spine according to whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual karma — wakes us up just as the early sunrise will wake us up at dawn.

When the time is just right for our coming back, our astral body and soul is drawn towards a couple whose uniting produces a embryo where we belong. (There’s an astrology aspect of this but the true astrology lies within us, along our astral spine; the outer world of the stars and planets simply reflects back to us our inner karma.)

After many lives and as we awaken spiritually and begin to outgrow physical desires that require a physical body, we may eventually remain both awake and stay on the astral realm never to return to a human body. There we incur or work out astral karma: desires for beauty, music, true friendships and the like. When the astral body “dies” the casual body, which is the soul, goes to the casual sphere for its rest; returning to the astral realm again and again until all astral desires are worked out. And so it goes like this until the soul is emancipated from all 3 bodies and merges back into God.

There’s a lot more I could say and books have been written on this subject, but I hope this gives you a general idea. ok?

Blessings to you!

Nayaswami Hriman