What is Metaphysics?


What is Metaphysics?

—Kailash, Saudi Arabia


Dear friend, you could probably do better searching in Wikipedia! But I will gladly give your question a try.

Meta means beyond or above. Physics of course we know as that which is tangible, material, or physical.

The science or study of metaphysics is the study or exploration of the unseen world beyond the senses. From here language departs quickly but from the language of yoga, this realm of investigation would be described as the astral and causal realms of creation.

Astral means the prototypical world of energy, color, light, form and intelligence. It is considered, generally, a “higher” world of consciousness (though it has its dark places too). We go to the astral world after physical death and we go into realms of the astral that are in tune with our own vibration and consciousness.

Causal means that realm of pure thought and ideas from which the astral and physical realms emerge through the power of manifesation (duality, energy, thought).

Metaphysics would include the description of how the creation was made; by whom; and for what purpose. It might also include a description of how (assuming if) a soul might achieve the Creator’s purpose. This purpose is sometimes described as realizing the Creator’s existence as the sole and only substance eternal, all knowing, and all blissful. It includes merging our identity and singular consciousness with the Creator’s.

Well, that’s some idea of it anyway. ok?


Nayaswami Hriman