What Is My Dharma?


Hello. Pls answer URGENTLY. I have done my post graduation in medicine.now due to my own choice i have got admission for superspeciality only to learn that iam not happy in doing this. i love freedom which i dont get here not for 5 minutes a day.this will continue for next 1.5 year.i want to quit but my parents r very against it.if i quit i will be free doing a job but for some time will have to stay outside home and it will also hurt my parents dream.but i cant live dat life for even 1 day.help

—Mangesh, India


Dear Mangesh,

You must live your life, not the dream of your parents. Before quitting, however, calmly reflect and meditate; ask for divine guidance and make sure your desire to quit isn’t based on fear, hard work or other difficulty.

It doesn’t sound like you have been studying this specialty very long. Are you certain your distaste for it isn’t due to it being difficult to learn?

If you are calmly certain that this course of further study is not suitable to you, then it is useless to pursue it only to live out the dream of your parents.

Do what you feel is right, but only calmly so. Have you also consulted with anyone else who would know you and your family but who would have your best interests in mind?

If you quit, it would be best to discuss your decision with your parents in advance. Do so calmly and respectfully. Even if they become angry or hurt, no that this too will pass if, in time, you find what is right for you.

May your decision guide you to greater happiness in the light of divine wisdom and love,


Nayaswami Hriman