What Meditation Can Do


Can meditation heal every disease? Can we gain God attention by meditation? What are powers of meditation?

—goswami, india


Dear Goswami,

It would not be realistic to say that meditation offers healing for every possible disease, for everyone who meditates. Certainly God can heal every disease and the goals of meditation is God-realization – but it generally takes time to achieve that goal.

If you are asking if we can gain God’s attention through meditation, the answer is that we do not need to meditate to do that. We always have God’s complete attention, because God made us, has become us, and is us forever. So there can never be a true separation between our souls and God.

But we can feel separate from God (because of maya, delusion). Meditation helps us to overcome that delusion through the realization our oneness with God and with everything. It helps us to remember who and what we really are: children of God, made in God’s image, one with God.

It is not helpful to meditate with the hope of receiving powers, though indeed, they may come. God is power (and joy, love, wisdom, etc) and by God-contact through meditation, all of God’s powers eventually become our powers also. But to meditate with the idea of obtaining powers as the reason for meditation simply strengthens the ego and defeats the purpose of meditation.