What Part of Us Lives on After Death?


Dear sir, I just want to confirm that according to spiritual science ..is there one identity which leaves the body at the time of death or there are two bodies wch leave the body at that time i.e astral body and causal body? If so...what is soul then? wch identity transmigrates? soul? Causal body or Astral body? I have gone through the literature of Hounrable Paramhansa ji...but my ignorance...i am nt able to comrehend it in the truest sense of word.Plz Guide.Thanks n Regards AB.

—AB, India


Dear Friend,

Paramhansajji taught (along with other rishis) that the soul, as such, exists on the causal plane and the ego is born on the astral plane. The astral body contains the seeds of karma from past action.

Thus when we leave the physical body at death, the astral and casual bodies (the latter contained, as it were, within the former) “ascend” together.

The causal body is bliss-filled consciousness that animates and gives life to the astrally created ego-affirming (separate identity) body of light.

The past material desires of this ego force it, according to the law of karma, to reincarnate into physical form in order to fulfill physical desires.

At all times the causal body of Bliss watches over and informs eternal light and intelligence to the ego-guided astral body and its temporary garment, the physical body.

Nayaswami Hriman