What Should I Do for a Severe Cough and Cold?


I was suffering with sevre cough and cold. I usually have to take antibiotics for cure. This time I tried to apply spritually Yogananda healing technique of total fast for 2 days. Today is my sixth day Though I am much relieved but cough is still there which becomes more uneasy at night. This sunday I took my 1st kriya initiation at Ananda Gurgaon India.I am feeling guilty as due to uneasiness in my chest and throat I am not able to practice my Kriya. Pl.Help.


—Kirti Gaur, India


Dear Kirti,

First of all, congratulations on taking Kriya. What a great joy.

Then… please do NOT feel any guilt. Yogananda would never have wanted this! In fact, he said do not try and do Kriya when you are unwell. There is that lovely story in The New Path where Swamiji mentioned how he talked about actually meditating for one of the nuns who didn’t / couldn’t meditate very deeply. No, guilt has no room on this path. It serves no one or nothing.

There are simply times when we are ill and we have to practice other techniques… You can pray, or write affirmations, or chant silently.

Also, although it is never a good thing to use antibiotics when they are unnecessary, there are times when they are needed, and one should not feel as though one has ‘failed’ if this is the case.

Needless to say I am not seeing or examining you so I will not pass judgment, but when a cough is worse at night in an otherwise healthy (young?) person, it often just means that a lot of fluid has collected in the sinuses and this needs to drain.

Using a Netti pot or cleansing ones nostrils with warm, low concentration salt water is good. Also, sometime taking a little bit of a decongestant or a steroid nasal spray helps. Drink lots of clear liquids (2 to 3 quarts per day), including herbal teas like strong ginger lemon and think about a decongestant. If you do not improve see a physician.

Do not avoid all medicines and keep yourself sicker longer. This is not very yogic, it is silly.

Your Kriyas will always be there for you to do. And remember, God watches the heart and feels our intention.

Dr. Shanti