What We Need to Know and What We Don’t


In the autobiography of a yogi, Yoganandaji says "Please, Babaji, don't go away!". "Take me with you!" he replied, "Not now. Some other time. Does this mean, Yoganandji is with Babaji in the Himalayas now?Does Pranabanandaji who is with Mahavtar Babaji now has the appearance of a 6 year old boy?I'm just curious to know this.

Are there multiple-universes out there?We know our universe is vast;Billions of galaxies are there.But God is infinite.So,there must be multiple universes.please explain.

—A, India


Dear Friend, God doesn’t reveal all His secrets to just anyone! We have to earn our degree in metaphysics, so to speak.

Where Jesus is; Where Yogananda is; where Babaji is to be found are (to quote security intellegience language) “on a need to know basis!”

Which is to say: our responsibility is deepen our attunement with God through whatever teaching, divinely human form, or practices suit and inspire us the most.

Yes, I suppose Yogananda may be with Babaji right now, but as Jesus put it so dryly: “sufficient unto the day is the evil (the challenges) thereof.”

Let’s keep our eye on the ball if we are to hit a home run in making God contact.

Yes, perhaps there are indeed multiple universes, why not? This one we know of is so vast who would need other ones. But then as you say, God is Infinite, so why not?

But that fact won’t feed us; it won’t put an end to suffering; and it won’t help us achieve Oneness with Infinity (God).

So our speculations are fun and interesting and no harm in them so long as they don’t distract us from the real work we are here to do.

God alone!

Blessings, Hriman