When I Go To Sleep Later, I Can Concentrate Better?


Hi,my concentration is high during my lectures when I slept late around mid night on the previous night,but when I sleep so early,my concentration is too low during the following day’s lectures.Please advise.Thank you

—Felix oyoo, Ghana


Dear Felix,

When you speak of “lectures” I understand that you must be a teacher or professor. You do not mention meditation but I believe you are saying that when you stay up late you have more energy during the following day than when you go to bed early!

This may be a simple factor of the right sleep cycle for you and I can only add that “do what works best for you!” If, on a night when you stay up later, you have meditated, it can be the case that meditation is helping you to sleep more restfully than when you go to bed too early and the mind is still active.

Even so, I would follow what works best for you. If I have not understood correctly your question, please write back to us.


Nayaswami Hriman