Who is the Doer and Who Is the Observer?


If there as a person called Joe, let’s say, who has a soul or atma. I understand that the Lord residing in him is the Doer. Who, then, is the witness of everything that happens in Joe’s life?

—krishna Sundarajoo, singapore


Dear Krishna,

Ha, ha! Good question! As you can watch yourself act, or hear yourself speak, so the Infinite Presence in every atom and every heart is fully Self-aware: both the Doer and the Watcher. As the Watcher the Infinite Presence is Self-contained, blissful, complete in him Self. As the Doer, His is the energy, the intelligence, the movement (back and forth from a state of rest) and within the movement of the Doer lies the immanent yet still reflection of the Watcher. Thus the “Holy Trinity” personified as Tat, Sat, and Aum (or in the order written: Tat, Aum, and Sat).

“Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One!”

This truth has long been considered a sacred mystery: sacred because of God; mysterious, because transcendent to our five senses and to the logical mind. This truth can only be perceived when we, too, have achieved this state of Being, whether fleetingly or permanently.

A thousand eyes, feet, and hands: there is no point of circumference to the divine vision: “Divine Vision,” Yogananda wrote in his famous Autobiography, “is center everywhere, circumference nowhere!”

Joy to you!

Nayaswami Hriman