Who Is to Blame when Bad Things Happen?


Why do people blame God when bad things happens? Why is it that humans blame God and not the humans that does the crime?

Or can God be blamed for the crime of humans since he created us? Or is he free of blame becuse he gave us free will?

—ABC, Europe


Dear ABC,

Yes, that is an interesting question. On the one hand, people do a lot of things that make one say, “Why do they do that?”

But some of the things that happen – for example, a fatal illness in a young child – can’t be blamed on any person. So people offer their question up to the universe, to God, who must be the source. In a way, it’s a good thing, because at least people are thinking of God.

Other bad things, such as murders, obviously are done by a particular person. Still, the family of the victim will wonder, “Why did God let this happen to my beloved one?”

Yogananda said that he often argued with God about why God made life so difficult for people.

God’s response was that if there weren’t challenges in life, people wouldn’t turn to God at all. They would just enjoy living in their perfectly healthy bodies in a perfectly harmonious world.

Because life is uncertain and filled with challenges, many people begin to seek for something that is eternal; that is peace; that is joy. And the very pain of life causes them to begin a spiritual journey that will eventually lead to Self-realization and the very highest joy.

It is always difficult to ask the question, “Why does God do things?” because we can never understand fully.

The best thing to say is: “Here I am in a world that is uncertain, not at all sensible, and often painful. What will I do about it?”

The masters of all religions give us the answer: “Go within yourself. Seek divine peace and joy within yourself – through meditation, through prayer, through love and service for all people, wise and foolish.”

Blessings on your journey, ABC.

I hope you will find the peace you are seeking,