Why can’t I go deep in meditation?


I have been practicing Hong-Saw technique and I do meditate regularly around 25-30 min for last 1 year. But so far I am not able to go deepen in my meditation. I always lost in thoughts which take me somewhere else and after some time I become aware again about breathing. So these thoughts really takes me to somewhere else and its almost difficult for me to concentrate but I still try my meditation daily believing that slowly it will goaway. is there any way to go in deep meditation ?

—Richa Gupta, India


Dear Richa,

This is an important question. One that everyone struggles with most of the time. I believe those that do struggle, though, through their efforts are slowly working on balancing their outward life with their inward life.

Hong Sau is a meditation practice to help concentrate the mind on a single object — the breath. It also helps to relax the mental activities of the mind so that thoughts do not go to outward involvements.

The more you can do this meditation and keep concentration on the breath, the more the mind will relax and focus on the inner Self.

Do not be discouraged if this does not happen right away or at all because what is really happening is through the little times of relaxation from outward activity, you will eventually — if you haven’t already — feel the benefits of meditation. The benefits are that you will feel greater calmness during your daily activities, you will have more happiness, and you will have a greater understanding and appreciation for those around you.

These are the attitudes we are striving for when we meditate. Hong Sau helps in this, as do other practices of meditation. You might look into receiving Kriya — a very deep and fulfilling meditation technique. You can receive this though Ananda when you feel ready for it.

Also you might try practicing the Ananda system of Yoga Postures before you start your meditations. And be sure to practice the Energization Exercises given to us by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Keep trying — that is the important thing. Never give up. What else is there but to be happy and content in the Self.

Joy to you,