Why Discipleship?


Why in Ananda, much emphasis is given to the pledge of discipleship to the gurus before? Rishis of such high caliber like revered Babaji, Yoganandaji, Yukteshwarji etc i think does not require any commitment 4rm themselves to the seekers as their Gurus. As this type of commitment automatically comes to seekers who shows magnetism to such gurus & this certainly develops gradually when following this path. So, please clear what this Pledge of discipleship actually mean before initiation?

—ashok, India


Dear Ashok,

It is not for the benefit of the guru that a pledge of discipleship is asked. It is for the benefit of the student to make a commitment to the spiritual path and to the guidance of a true guru.

After making the pledge, and then over the years of trying sincerely to live the life of discipleship, that our magnetism, appreciation, and devotion to God in the form of the guru grows. But without an initial affirmation and commitment in exchange for the gift of mutual service (through, esp, the techniques and teachings), the student might never come to understand the power and grace that comes through the guru.

The ego resists discipleship; the soul thrills at the promise implied by the relationship of disciple to guru: a pledge of moksha, freedom in God, Self-realization. A pledge of discipleship to the guru is the initial act signifying what, on the very cusp of moksha, becomes the ego merging into God. If we don’t understand this, at least intellectually and energetically, at the beginning of our path, our spiritual progress and growth might be stunted for lack of understanding and accepting its implications and its highest goal.

May the wisdom of the masters descend as light to guide your path to freedom,
Nayaswami Hriman