Why Do My Friends Betray Me?


Why friends betray you when you are good to them? I was 22, my very first relationship he cheated on me. I believe in God I am not the one partying, hanging out with boys, wearing short skirt, or wild in any way. Why God puts u in a situation when u did nothing? And if it's previous karma, when will it stop? Will God always treat as if i am invisible to him? People have been realy bad since school days. maybe I did something that I dont see, but what should I do to stop it?

—di, india


Dear Di,

I feel your pain, and send you light. When I was 19 my girlfriend cheated on me, it was terrible. So I know well how it hurts.

However, in this situation don’t let your heart and feelings determine your thoughts: they mislead you. Try to see the situation from another angle, following what the Masters teach.

First of all, you are never “invisible” to God. He loves you always, and always will. He is always aware of you and what comes to you is from His own loving hands. And He never sends you more than you can handle.

Try to perceive what is (and has been) happening not as your bad karma (even though the law of karma exists and plays a role in it all). Rather see it as a lesson which you need, given to you with wisdom from a loving Divine Father. He wants you to learn something, wants to transform you, and make you grow.

If this is true, are you able to see what He is wanting to teach you? Think about it. Maybe He wants you to be more attentive to Him, telling you: “Human beings will always disappoint you. Turn to Me!” Or He wants you to become happy under all circumstances, something you don’t learn if everything goes well. Or He wants you to become more mature in choosing your friends. Or He wants you to react strongly: “God, what these people do is terrible. For myself, let me never betray anyone, ever!”

In other words, try to see that positive side of it: it’s your opportunity for growth. It might help you to apply this powerful prayer-affirmation by Yogananda:

“Dear Father, whatever conditions confront me, I know that they represent the next step in unfoldment. I will welcome all tests because I know that within me is the intelligence to understand and the power to overcome.”

You know, even Yogananda was badly betrayed by his “best friend”. Swami Kriyananda too was betrayed by close and beloved friends. Both teach us how to face such betrayals. Yogananda for example says in the Autobiography of a Yogi: “Blessed is the man whom the Lord doth test! He has remembered, now and then, to put a burden on me.”

Life is not easy. If it is for some persons, it’s not at all their good fortune: “An easy life is not a victorious life.”

Yogananda might tell you that you are blessed to have this experience, even though it looks the opposite. If you learn your lesson, you will get the biggest blessing. If not, that same situation will always return to you, until you have learnt it. Like in school.

God bless you; He loves you always,

In Him,