“My Body Is Divine Mother’s Problem”


I mean no disrespect, but from my studies, those who practice the energization exercises and Kriya have the ability (in time) to recharge their "body batteries" to maintain physical strength and avoid sickness. Why then, did Swami Kriyananda seemingly suffer from so many physical ills in his older age (unable to remain standing during lectures, etc.)? Even Yogananda seemed to age quite noticeably before he left his body. Just trying to understand, thank you in advance.

—Adam , USA


Dear Adam,

It can be tempting to think that spiritual advancement equates with physical health. But it doesn’t. Many perfectly healthy, long-lived people have not a touch of spiritual interest or attainment. And highly advanced souls, having human bodies as they do, inevitably grow old and die. Meanwhile, they often use their spiritual attainment to take upon their own bodies the karma of others (usually that of their disciples). Add to that the fact that, when a great master has finished what he or she was sent to earth to accomplish, God calls them back home through the agency of a body that, at some point, simply stops working.

If you read the lives of saints and masters, you’ll discover that they seldom use their spiritual power to heal themselves; in fact, I’ve never heard of one doing that. They’re too busy helping others to fuss over their own health. As Swami Kriyananda said, “My body is Divine Mother’s problem.”