Can Yoga Defy Signs of Aging?



I met a woman who said she was 40. I was surprised as when I met her first, I thought she was a high school or a college student 19 or 20 years old. Her voice sounded young too and so was her attitude. She looked bight and pure. When I inquired further, she said she does yoga. Can yoga defy age to this extent?

—Bina, US


Hello Bina,

It’s true that yoga can help a person look younger than his or her physical years—in large part because it promotes good health and teaches you how to relax and uplift your energy. A healthy, relaxed, uplifted person naturally looks younger. The yoga postures can help significantly with this, and meditation is even more effective.

A healthy lifestyle and positive attitude also play major roles in how young we look, and yoga emphasizes both of those. I suspect that the woman you describe has one or both of those two factors in her favor as well, supplementing her personal yoga practices. In addition, she probably also has some favorable genetics on her side.

So it’s a combination of factors. Fortunately, all of them (except perhaps genetics) are well within the reach of anyone who gives yoga a try. Keep in mind, however, that true yoga is about much more than how young we look. Youthful looks are merely a pleasing side effect of yoga practices. Far more important is how those practices help us connect with our own divine nature.