Why Doesn’t God Stop Us from Making Mistakes?



I was told that God watches us in each and every moment. He guides us and he is our teacher. As God is our true teacher if we make a mistake or do sins isn't this his fault? that he didn't stopped us. Sure he shows us some signs even tries to change our way. But God has the power to do anything then why doesn't he stops us from doing sins?



—Jay, India


Dear Jay,

Your question is a good one. As well as watching what we do, God also gives us free will. As you say, sometimes he shows us some signs, or tries to stop us from making mistakes. It’s our choice, however, to heed these signs, or not, as we prefer. When we make a choice not to heed the signs, we usually suffer the outcome. When we try to keep God in our minds and hearts and follow his guidance we often find that our lives work better. Even if this doesn’t happen we find that we are more able to face our tests with a calm and joyful heart. It’s been said that Divine Mother has everything but our love. She wants us to come back to her, but only by our own will and choice. We can show our love by listening for God’s messages to us, and by trying to learn from our mistakes.

Joy to you,

Nayaswami Sadhana Devi