Why Don’t Saints Help the World Now?



I am currently reading “Autobiography of a YogI”. I am intrigued by the saints Paramhansa Yogananda has mentioned in the book like the saint with two bodies and the one in Chapter 4.

Are there such great saints today as well in this materialistic world? If yes, where are they and why don’t they do something to relieve mankind of the tremendous pain and suffring we experienc because of misuse of science and technology?

Can serious truth-seekers meet them in person?

—Nina, India


Dear Nina,

From your comments I feel you’ve had a bad experience with science and technology, or you have friends and family that have. I’m sorry that these conditions have caused such pain, but we all know it’s not the conditions that really cause the pain, but how we work with them.

This is an age of energy, Dwapara Yuga. And as such the energy in the universe is increasing. We need to understanding how to work with it and how to live our lives in bliss and joy. You might want to read the book based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda called The Yugas. It explains so much about the conditions we are facing.

It’s not really for the saints to make the world a better place to live in. It’s for us to make our lives better and to realize that our karma comes to us to help us toward liberation. Saints can certainly help uplift our consciousness so that we can rise above the pain and suffering that is part of this world. They are also examples that it’s possible.

To find the saints you need to meditate, pray and live in a higher state of consciousness so that you will attract such a great soul. But I think you were talking about humanity in general and their needs. Do pray to God and an enlightened soul. Do pray to Paramhansa Yogananda, he was such a one. Through your prayers you will help humanity become more enlightened and you will help yourself.

Blessings, Seva