Why Isn’t AUM the Only Mantra Practiced?


Hi. It's my understanding that thoughts & words have vibratory power. I understand that many Gurus give various mantras to their disciples. But assuming that the AUM mantra is the root of all divine mantras/sounds, why isn't simply only that "maha-mantra" of AUM given/practiced? Wouldn't it be the simplest, most powerful & most effective? And, is the power of a word determined by 1) divine law 2) personal meaning of a word, 3) will/concentration? Is the word "AUM" "higher" than the word "God"?

—John C, USA


Dear John,

Thank you for your interesting question. (sorry for the delay in answering – i was away for 5 days). While I can’t speak for the Gurus!, I do notice that God’s creation seems to thrive on variety, and on what you might call “personalized learning.”

For example, to follow the logic of your question: since Christianity is a true religion, why do we need others? But God sends different religions to appeal to the great variety of people.

The power of a mantra will depend on the energy, devotion, and deep attunement with which it is repeated. Some people will be able to feel more devotion or attunement with a mantra related to Shiva or Divine Mother, and that will help to strengthen their ability to tune into it.

The word AUM is a representation of the vibratory sound of creation, which is an aspect of God. You would say AUM is God active in creation.

The Indian teachings speak of God as having 3 aspects: The Father, beyond all creation; the Divine Mother or AUM, which is God active in creation; and the Son or Christ Consciousness, which is the still reflection of the Father at the heart of every aspect of creation.

In divine friendship,