Why Would Someone in Samadhi Need to Reincarnate?


I read a post from the Ask Ananda Experts column, where a friend asked 2 doubts about the state of Samadhi, wherein the answer stated this too that experiencing Samadhi does not necessarily free us from reincarnation. Why is that? Samadhi is the state of oneness with God, which is the only true goal. Then what is the need to reincarnate again?

Thank You!

—Kailash, India


Dear Kailash,

In order to achieve liberation, freedom from the need to reincarnate, a person must be completely free from ego and past karma.

Samadhi is an experience of oneness with God. Repeatedly diving into samadhi can lead to a state of nirbikalpa samadhi, where one is supremely free and does not need to reincarnate.

An experience of samadhi is an experience, and ends after some amount of time. When one returns from that state, one usually returns to his ego. One experience of samadhi, as magnificent as that is, does not usually completely dissolve one’s ego, nor free one from all past karma.

Joy to you,