Will I see visions and make prophecies?


Is it true that if I meditate, I will be able to see vision and make prophecies? Is this of the Lord? If it is, then I will learn it, but please can you help me check to see if I have these special gifts? I know we all have them, but there must be some special people that are called in that area.

—justin, nigeria


Dear Justin, Yes, meditation is definitely “of the Lord.” The purpose of meditation is to help us merge our little human consciousness into the great ONENESS of all that is, and to live all the time in God-consciousness and God-communion. It is meant to help us perfect ourselves on every level.

It is not meant to offer us visions or powers such as the gift of prophecy. Those gifts come to a few people, but not to all. And they are definitely not the truest proof of the effectiveness of meditation! The proof of success in meditation is how you are changing as a person in daily life. Can you always remain calm and peaceful in the midst of life’s strife and trouble? Can you love God more and more every day and always offer God’s love to everyone? These are much truer tests!

It’s never best to become a “mercenary meditator,” that is meditating for what you can get out of it. If visions or such things come to you, that’s fine, but they should not be your major motivation. Leave that all in God’s hands,

A regular practice of daily meditation will help you more than you can possibly imagine. Please consider meditation as an important activity to learn and practice regularly!