Winning the Battle of Life


I have lost the drive inside me and I do not feel motivated to work What should I do?

—Arya, India


Dear Arya,

Many greetings. Thank you for writing.

I don’t know any details concerning your situation, but your question sounds like a lethargic energy is dominating you at the moment (sorry if I am wrong). I don’t know what has happened, or for how long this has been going on, nor how deep this energy is in you, but it seems clear that you need to act if you want to get out.

The first step is the firm decision to really want to get out, to want to get your drive back, and to be willing to do what is necessary – just like Arjuna who first was despondent but then seized again his battle bow.

The next step is to understand the battle and the warriors involved. Yogananda taught that there are conflicting inner soldiers within us, and we need to do our best to nurture the positive ones. So you need to determine which are your positive soldiers in this battle. They could be for example: saying yes to life and work, positivity, enthusiasm, maybe creativity.

Then comes the battle itself. Swami Kriyananda quotes Shakespeare: “Assume a virtue if you have it not.” In other words, let’s say you have determined that your good soldier is a strong “yes” to life: from today on assume it, practice it vigorously. Maybe only 10 minutes the first day, the next 20, then an hour. Use an affirmation: “I am positive, energetic, enthusiastic!” Win the battle for some time every day, and then more and more. You will win in the end.

Another powerful soldier Yogananda recommends is the decision to surround yourself as much as you can with people who have the quality (the soldier) you want to strengthen inside. Do you have such persons?

A precious soldier is sincere prayers to God and Guru. Sometimes when all seems hopeless, when life is without drive, a sincere prayer can be the turn of events.

I hope with this strategy and these soul-soldiers you will get back your drive, love for life, happiness, and that you will soon win this battle. Say, “I can!

In divine friendship,