Words Fail to Describe God


Yoganandaji has said that God is infinite, beyond the physical, astral and causal worlds, beyond his creations. What is that 'beyond'?

—Kailash, Saudi Arabia



Your question points up the limitations of the way we think and the language we use. Try as we might, it is very difficult for us, who live in a physical world of matter and space, and who rely on the senses to perceive it, not to think in spatial terms.

We talk of “higher” consciousness and “deeper” teachings – and that God is “above” or “beyond” His creation. Or we are forced to use negative forms such as infinite (not finite), indivisible (not divideable), and incorporeal (not physical) to describe the indescribable.

“Beyond,” in the context of your question, does not mean in another place. God’s creation is the illusion of place, of separate existence. Even in the causal world (the realm of idea), a thin veil of the illusion of separation from God exists. Beyond, in this context, means without any of the illusory limitations of His creation. God is Endlessness, Timelessness, Formlessness, Thoughtlessness – yet infinite in Being, infinite in Awareness, and infinite in Joy.

In the end, our words cannot ever describe God. Only in oneness with God can we finally understand.

Warm regards,
Joseph (Puru) Selbie