Yogananda and praying to God


Yogananda has been my guru for 6 years. He is always with me, I speak to him all the time mentally as well as out loud. I regard him as my friend as well as guru.

However, I also find that when I pray or am waiting for God in meditation, I speak to the Lord and Divine Mother. As Yogananda's quest was/is to lead us to God, presumably he won't mind that I go to God rather than to him at such times?

thank you
devotee Yvonne

—yvonne, australia


Dear Yvonne,

Thank you for your beautiful letter, and please forgive my delay in answering it. I’m sure Yogananda is delighted by your devotion to him and also to God and to Divine Mother. He, of course, prayed to God and to Divine Mother also. As devotees, we often project onto the Guru and to God our own little insecurities or petty feelings. You or I might feel hurt if a good friend preferred someone else’s company to ours, but the Guru and God do not operate in that way.

Remember, Yogananda is never separate from God and Divine Mother. An avatar like Yogananda or Christ is, by definition, one with God. So, follow your heart. As you say, Yogananda’s mission is to bring you to God, so he is pleased when you seek God and Divine Mother.

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Anandi