Yogananda’s Advice on Money


hi ananda

After a long struggle, i got a job, would be help ful, if i get a good advise on how to manage my finances spritually, and to balance my spenings, would like to know what guru yogananda ji, suggested youths regarding there earnings and how to manage it, and how to lead a simple life, how much to give in charity for the needy and whome to give, how much to give. pls gudie me in this to balance my life fulfilling, Iam now 32, and has lot of responsibilty to shoulder. thank you. joy

—Manohar R, India


Dear Manohar,

Congratulations on your job! Here is some advice Yogananda gives on managing money, as part of the path to happiness:

  • Happiness consists in making the mightiest efforts to reduce your desires and needs, and in cultivating the ability to meet those needs at will, always trying to smile, both outwardly and inwardly, in spite of every predicament.
  • It is easier to spend than to earn. It is harder to save than to earn. Most people spend more than they earn. The extra money is acquired by borrowing, or by buying with promises to pay in the future. To try to own more than your purse allows is to live in constant mental worry. To spend more than you earn is to live in perpetual slavery.
  • Along with the art of money making, it is well to learn the art of money saving. A large income is of no lasting good to you if it only creates habits of luxury with no savings in reserve.

The above is from Chapter 5 of How to Be Happy All the Time. This book is available in India: call 98992 67698.

As for giving to charity, one guidelines we follow at Ananda is tithing: giving a percentage (e.g. 10%) of your income back to God, in whatever form that inspires you.

For ongoing guidance, regularly consult your intuition (after meditation, for example): Should I make this purchase? How much should I save? Shall I give to this cause or individual?

And ask God: the best financial advisor is Divine Mother Herself!

Joy to you,