Yogic View on Suicide


Hi All,

I have just read the posting re the Yogic view on suicide. It is my belief that such a person will continue to be reincarnated into the same situation till they solve and learn from the situation they found themselves in that caused them to sadly take their own life. It was an experience they chose for themselves prior to birth and to evolve spiritually, need to learn from the experience.

Thanking you, please advise.


—Mike Kobal, Australia


Dear Mike,

I’m sending you a link to many answers posted already online about suicide. These answers give a full picture of what the soul goes through after suicide and what the soul has to look forward to. You may have read some of these already. But know that each person is, of course, unique, and will go through experiences that will keep coming up to help release the karmic blocks each one has. https://www.ananda.org/ask/?search=suicide&submit.x=0&submit.y=0

If your question really is your answer – then yes, I believe you are right. But do check out these other answers as it gives a full picture for the many individual souls that face this question.

Swamiji has lately been telling us to face our fears, to imagine the worse possible situation, and then ask God and Guru to help. In this process, if you do this with deep sincerity, you will find that nothing can touch you, that God is always with you. Swami himself has faced many challenges, to only find the strength to overcome all.

Bless you, Seva