Why Does My Body Heat Up When I Meditate?


Hello, I have been practicing Sudarshan Kriya from “Art of Living” since 8 months. I do this Kriya everyday, followed by meditation. Nowadays during meditation, I sense a mildly hot fluid raising from the base of my spine for about 5 cms height and then I feel energy flowing up to my brain. Sometimes i sense that the energy has spread to my butt and have sensations in that area. Somedays while sleeping, the energy flows from my foot to legs to hips to spine and to brain for up to 1 to 2 hours. What does this indicate?

—Sandeep, India


Dear Sandeep,

Your inner energy is awakening and rising. This is extremely beneficial as long as there is never a burning sensation. A “mildly hot fluid” is good. See if in time you don’t feel a blissful sensation with this rising “fluid.”

Sometimes when we relax, as you do in sleeping, we can perceive particular energetic effects in the body. The energy of the first chakra at the base of the spine is connected to the feet and legs, so you feel even energy from your feet rising upward in the body. It is peculiar but very good. It will sweep your consciousness upward.

It is very important that you feel grounded and stable at the same time. If you don’t do physical exercise, I recommend you start to do so daily, even to the point of sweating. If this energy increases your body must physically be prepared. On our path we have the energization exercises which prepare the whole nervous system for this strong, awakening energy. Your path will offer other practices, so do them vigorously. Or, if there are no such practices, you may learn the energizations exercises of Yogananda.

Something else: if you mix this rising energy in the spine with devotion, looking upward, your God-speed will increase. You may chant and pray before your meditations if you don’t already do so.

God bless you,