4 Tips for Creating Your Own Affirmations



Can I create my own affirmations for healing physical, mental, and spiritual problems?

Thank you for accepting my question

Joy to you all.

—Rajat, India


Dear Rajat,

The advantage of creating your own affirmation is the commitment that you make to using it. There are some general guidelines which you might find helpful:

1. Let the words be positive.

2. Let the words invoke God or a higher power.

3. In doing the above, let your affirmation and intention serve your own higher Self in some way. For example, by overcoming the habit of smoking, you will be healthier; in being healthier you will be able to meditate more deeply and to serve God more fully. Even if you desire a job or material success, it would be best if you connect your success with the sincere desire to serve a spiritual work. In desiring wife or children, let it be to learn to love and serve more purely with the love of God.

4. Consider rhythm, even melody, in your affirmation. There should be a gentle cadence and flow to the words. Adding melody is not strictly necessary but it can help if a simple “chant-like” melody is created.

Now, the other side is this: an affirmation or a mantra created by a saint or otherwise made holy by tradition and sincere repetition already has already been infused with spiritual power! For Ananda members, Paramhansa Yogananda’s little book of Scientific Healing Affirmations is excellent. So also is the book, Affirmations for Self-Healing by our founder (and direct disciple of Yogananda) Swami Kriyananda. Yogananda’s deep book of “prayer demands,” Whispers from Eternity, is a wonderful source also, though not, strictly speaking, a collection of affirmations.

Perhaps you mix the two approaches by taking some mantra or prayer described above and modifying it for your own use.

May the light of Divine Wisdom shine upon you,
Nayaswami Hriman