Sacred Demands to the Infinite

  1. Cosmic Salutation
  2. We Demand as Thy Children
  3. Demand for Recharging Body-Battery
  4. Spiritual Interpretation — Lord’s Prayer
  5. Thou Art the Best Bomb-Shelter
  6. Universal Prayer of the Cosmic Temple
  7. Worshipping the Cosmic Idol
  8. Salutation to the Great Preceptor
  9. Thou Mother of Flames, Show Thy Face, Hidden Beneath the Veil of Cosmic Motion Pictures
  10. Demand for the Opening of the Spiritual Temple Doors Everywhere
  11. Prayer at Dawn
  12. Prayer at Noon
  13. Prayer at Eventide
  14. Prayer at Night
  15. Prayer-Demand Before Taking Food
  16. Prayer-Demand for Recharging of Body-Battery
  17. Prayer Before Practicing Concentration
  18. Demand for Pearls of Wisdom to Be Obtained in the Sea of Meditation
  19. Prayer for Expanding Love from Self to All Brethren
  20. A Bouquet of All Loves of God
  21. Prayer-Demand to the Holy Vibration
  22. Prayer-Demand for Self-Realization
  23. Prayer-Demand for Removing the Cork of Ignorance
  24. My Guru
  25. Come to Me, O Christ, as the Divine Shepherd of Souls
  26. Come to Me, O Krishna, as the Divine Cowherd
  27. Come to Me as Swami Shankara
  28. Come to Me as Moses
  29. Come to Me as Mohammed
  30. Come to Me as Buddha

Prayers for Universality

  1. Prayer-Demand Asking God to Be the President of the United States of the World
  2. Prayer-Demand: Make Me Anything: a Christian or a Hindu — Anything to Realize Thee
  3. Demand to Travel on the One Highway of Realization

Miscellaneous Demands

  1. Make Me Thy Butterfly of Eternity
  2. I Will Not Offer Unto Thee Mind-made, Hothouse Songs
  3. Prayers on the Beads of Love
  4. Hover over the Minaret of My Expectations, O Mighty Spirit
  5. The Bee of My Mind Loves to Drink from the Blue Lotus of Thy Feet
  6. May I Serve the Cocktail of God-Intoxicated Eyes in the Home of the Rich
  7. May I Seize Thee at Eternity’s End?
  8. Wake Me, That I May Know the Terrors of Mundane Delusion to Be but Dreams
  9. I Demand to Return Home
  10. Make Me a Lion of Thy All-Conquering Wisdom
  11. I Am Thy Bird of Paradise Wishing to Fly in Thine Astral Airplane
  12. Come into the Garden of My Dreams
  13. Let Me Feel that Thou and I Are One
  14. Rock Me in the Cradle of All Space
  15. May the Niagara of My Joys Inundate All Hearts
  16. Make Me the Lark of Life, Looking Only for Thy Rain
  17. Make Me a Smile-Millionaire
  18. Save Us from the Net of Matter-Attachment
  19. O King of All Our Ambitions, Open the Doors of Noble Aspirations in the Mansion of Our Souls
  20. Save Me from Shipwreck on the Ocean of My Dreams
  21. Tune Us, that We May Hear Thy Voice
  22. I Want to Build a Rainbow-Bridge of Self-Realization
  23. Make Me Silent, that I May Eloquently Converse with Thee
  24. Teach Me to Use Every Dig of Criticism to Bring Myself Nearer to the Fountain of Goodness in Me
  25. Teach Me to Fish for Thee in the Deep Waters of My Soul
  26. Make Me Remember that Virtuous Ways Are More Charming than Vicious Ways
  27. I Will Broadcast My Voice with the Chorus of Thy Songs
  28. Teach Me to Store Honey of Quality from All Soul-Flowers in the Honey Comb of My Heart
  29. Teach Me to Give Sweet Forgiveness, Though Crushed by Criticism
  30. Spiritualize Our Thoughts And Ambitions
  31. Teach Us Not to Follow the Will-o’-the-Wisp of False Happiness
  32. May the Showers of Thy Love Flood Through the Walls of Color, Class and Race-Prejudice
  33. Burn Thou My Frailties in the Furnace of Trials
  34. The Caravan of My Prayers Is Moving Toward Thee
  35. Save Us from the Bait of Modern Comforts
  36. May I Reap the Greatest Harvest in the Short Season of Earthly Life
  37. Make Me the Eagle of Progress
  38. Flood Me with Thine Omnipresent Love
  39. O Divine Sculptor, Chisel My Life
  40. Keep the Needle of My Attention Ever Pointing Toward Thee
  41. Be Thou My General in My Invasion of Ignorance
  42. Make Me See that I Am Just Acting in Thy Super-Sense Vitaphone Cosmic Pictures
  43. Teach Me to Abhor Flies of Sarcasm, Which Sit on the Wounds of Others
  44. Demand for Seeing the One Fire Beneath All Soul-Flames
  45. Demand for Prosperity
  46. Teach Me to Feel that All Men Are My Brothers
  47. Demand to Be Freed from Self-Created Evil Habits and Temptations
  48. Demand for Balance
  49. Demand for Fervor in Divine Love
  50. Demand that the Love of God May Never Fade, Through Tests and Trials
  51. Special Universal Daily Demand for Divine Guidance
  52. Be the Captain of My Boat of Daily Activity
  53. Be the Polestar of My Shipwrecked Thoughts
  54. Worship of God as Sacred Joy Found in Meditation
  55. Demand for the Enjoyment of Everything with the Joy of God
  56. Demand for Calmness in Activity
  57. Demand to Love God as All Saints Love Him
  58. Demand that God’s Light Drive Dark Ignorance Away
  59. Demand for Healing of Any Disease
  60. Demand for Healing Others
  61. Demand for Freeing the Mind Mental Bacteria
  62. Demand for Wisdom
  63. Demand for Bliss
  64. Demand that My Bubble of Life Become the Sea of Life
  65. Demand that God Respond
  66. Demand that God Reveal Himself
  67. Demand to the Holy Trinity
  68. Demand that Cosmic Sound Lead from Ignorance to Wisdom
  69. Demand for Thy Light
  70. Demand for the Opening of the Spiritual Eye, to Find God in Everything
  71. Let All Rest in the Shade of My Peace
  72. Demand for Realizing the Expansion of Consciousness in the Cosmic Sound
  73. Demand for an Immediate Need to Be Supplied
  74. Demand for Removal of the Veil of Illusion
  75. Demand for Seeing God in Everything
  76. Demand to Be Kept Awake and Ready
  77. Master Mariner, Come and Take Charge of My Boat
  78. Demand to Find God at Any Time and Anywhere
  79. Demand for Union with the Almighty
  80. I Want to Feel Thee Just Behind the Voice of My Prayer
  81. Demand for the Realization of God’s Presence
  82. Prayer Between Sleeping and Waking
  83. Prayer-Demand for Devotion
  84. Prayer-Demand for Illumination
  85. Prayer Before Meditation
  86. Hidden in the Ashes of Burnt Sadness, I Found Thy Golden Presence
  87. Receive the Orphans And the Stricken, Who Have Come to Thy Door
  88. Come to Me as Kindness
  89. Satisfy My Soul-Hunger
  90. O Divine Hart, I Will Hunt for Thee in the Forest of My Soul
  91. Make Me the Drops of Sympathy in Tearful Eyes
  92. From Peak to Peak And Heart to Heart, I Will Fly, Singing Thy Name
  93. Teach Me to Dream Peace with the Poppy-Petals
  94. Whether Dead or Living, I Am Held in Thine Immortal Arms
  95. I Beheld Thee Hiding Behind the Flowers
  96. Thou Art Slowly Rising on the Horizon of My Mind
  97. Demand to See the Love of God in All Human Love
  98. Open My Inner Eye
  99. Cure My Jaundiced Vision of Duality
  100. Demand for Quickening Activity
  101. Bless Me, that I May Perceive Thee Through the Windows of All Activities
  102. Teach Me to Perform Every Work Just to Please Thee

Prayers of Devotion

  1. I Bring for Thee the Myrrh of Devotion
  2. Intoxicate Me with the Wine of Thy Love
  3. Open My Soul’s Secret Door
  4. I Want to Hear Thy Song in the Silence of My Soul
  5. Nothing Can Steal My Love for Thee
  6. I Will Be the Naughty Baby of the Divine Mother
  7. Make Me Clean Again, Divine Mother
  8. I Loved All Things, that I Might Learn to Crave Thee Only
  9. Make Me Feel Thee Through the Touch of the Breeze
  10. Make Me Win the Battle of Life
  11. Demand to Eject Enemies of Bad Habits
  12. Demand Not to Be Enslaved by the Ego or by Passivity
  13. I Offer Thee a Garland of Devotion
  14. Demand to Set Fire to the Forest of Darkness
  15. Save Me from Wrong Beliefs
  16. Lead My Body-Chariot on the Right Path
  17. Teach Me Not to Be Deceived by the Senses
  18. Teach Me, that My Senses May Contact Nothing but the Good
  19. Keep Me Away from Evil
  20. Demand for the Opening of the Spiritual Eye, the Eastern Star of Wisdom
  21. Demand for the Rising of the Aurora of Intuition
  22. Keep My Spiritual Eye Open Forever
  23. With Every Stroke of My Prayer, I Am Moving Nearer to Thee
  24. Demand to Be Fed with the Cosmic Rays
  25. Demand for the Cure of the Anger Habit
  26. Demand to Be Able to Conquer Fear
  27. Demand for Control of the Unruly Senses
  28. Make Me Feel that Everything Is Joy
  29. Slip Thy Dew-Drop in Thy Pool, Not to Lose Itself, but to Enlarge Itself
  30. The Fire of My Ambition And All My Rainbow-Dreams, Are for Thee
  31. We Buy Everything but Thee. Pray Give Me Thyself
  32. Teach Us to Consider No Work More Important than Thy Work
  33. Bury the Seeds of My Devotion in Thy Heart-Soil
  34. I Want to Know that Thou Wilt Be Mine
  35. Teach Me to Drown in Thy Light And Live
  36. I Want to Pour the Scent of Gratefulness at Thy Feet
  37. My Soul-Submarine Is Searching for Thee
  38. Bless Me, that I May Know that I Am Dreaming, While I Think that I Am Awake
  39. I Locked My Sacred Aspirations in My Soul-Vault
  40. Dance in Me Thy Dance of Infinity
  41. We Are Thy Burned Children, Wailing for Thy Help
  42. Blow Thy Music Through My Shattered Reed
  43. Heal My Nerves and Install in Me a New Set of Telephonic Nerves
  44. Make Us Transparent, that Thy Light May Shine Through Us
  45. Teach Me to Conquer Discord by Holding Close My Own Harmony
  46. Baptize the Bubbles of My Blood and Flesh in the Flood of Thy Grace
  47. Demanding Forgiveness
  48. Cutting Through the Cocoon of Ignorance
  49. I Will Hop from Eternity to Eternity
  50. I Want to Be Thy Cleansed Bird of Paradise
  51. Bless Thy Hummingbird to Drink of Thy Honey
  52. Many Doors Opened Before Me
  53. Driving the Rebel-King, Ignorance
  54. Cure Spiritual Deafness And Make Me Listen to the Chorus of Noble Qualities
  55. Teach Me to Spend for Others as I Spend for Myself
  56. Teach Me to Spend for God’s Work as I Spend for Myself
  57. Teach Me to See Thine Omnipresent Spirit Suffering in the Sick
  58. Let My Songs Resound with the Magic Power of Thy Voice
  59. I Will Be Thine Always
  60. I Baptize Myself in the Sacred Waters of My Love for Thee
  61. Mayest Thou Reinforce Our Blended Prayers
  62. Rock Me to Sleep on Thy Bosom of Peace
  63. I Perched in the Many Trees of Lives And Sang Thy Songs
  64. Endless Throngs of Intoxications Visit Me
  65. Teach Me to Fish for All Goodness in the Net of Searchlights
  66. I Shall Ne’er Turn My Gaze Away from Thee. Make Me See that Health And Sickness Both Are Dreams
  67. In the Bursts of Blue Brine I Shall Bound with Thee
  68. Save Us from Religious Bigotry
  69. Prayer-Demand to Reach the One High Way of Realization
  70. Flowers and Skies, Heralds of Thee
  71. Divine Mother, Come Thyself into the Waiting Temple of Our Love
  72. O Divine Mother, I Am Thine, for Thou Art Eternally Mine
  73. Thou Didst Reveal Thy Silver Rays of Speaking Silence
  74. In the Temple of United Hearts
  75. I Pour My Love at Thy Roseate Feet of Immortality
  76. All Futurity Danced in Me the Infinite Rhythm
  77. With the Torch of Our Devotion, Blaze Our Dark Indifference
  78. The Rocket of My Love
  79. My Lost Music Sprang from the Heart of Everything
  80. A Million Salutations at Thy Petaled Feet, O Lotus of Light
  81. The Imprisoned Bird of Omnipresence Was Released
  82. A Prayer

Prayer-Demands for Children

  1. Thou Art Love Because My Mother Loves Me
  2. By Loving All My Friends May I Find Thy Love
  3. Teach Me to Give Smiles to All
  4. Come to Me as Peace in Sleep And as Joy when I Am Awake
  5. Thou Art so Plainly Present Everywhere; I Bow to Thee
  6. My Parents And Friends Love Me, Dear Father, Because Thou Dost Love Me
  7. Thou Art the Cause of Everything — I Bow to Thee
  8. I Bow to Thee in the Sunshine, Breeze, Dawn, and Hearts of Loving Friends
  9. Teach Me to Find Happiness in the Joy of Others
  10. Teach Me to Feel Thee as Silence when I Close My Eyes



Our Dream-World