Am I as Special as Jesus?


I got a thought in my head. It said Jesus is special, Jesus is unique, Jesus is beautiful. Then it said my name. John is special, beautiful and unique. A lot of other things happened to. My visual perception changed and I could see life through a heightened perception. Food taste extremely good. What does all this mean?

—John, United States


Dear John,

It sounds like you had an inner energetic awakening. That voice you heard is true, but you have to be very careful. Yes, you are unique, beautiful, special, just as Jesus, but only on a soul level. His beauty was not his. He only manifested God, saying, for example: “I do nothing of myself.” If you now say or think, “I, John, am special, beautiful and unique, just as Jesus,” you are in a big delusion. If however you think, “God in me is special, beautiful and unique,” that is true.

Give Him all your beauty and uniqueness. Don’t let your ego take possession of this glimpse of truth. It happens too easily.

Your visual perception changed, you say. Maybe you glimpse the Truth behind appearances, at least a little bit. That too is good. Try in your heightened perception to see God everywhere. (Or call Him Spirit, if the word “God” sounds limiting to you.)

About food tasting extremely good: I know that experience. It too is a possible result of an inner energetic awakening. Here too: try to feel God behind the delicious taste. In this way you are on the safe side.

May you discover where that awakening has come from, and may you continue in that direction, with God always in your gaze,