Am I Seeing the Spiritual Eye?


Something has happened to my consciousness. I don't meditate. The spiritual eye was seen with the centre, scrambled up in motion but not formed. As well on two occasions from waking have experienced a luminous form of a human shape from shoulders up with no facial features. Then shortly after the same figure but three identical figures. I had the feeling to concentrate on them, and when i did they grew brighter and less so when concentration waned. Why am i seeing these?

—Pete, Australia


Dear Pete,

What you are seeing is not a part of the spiritual eye. As Swami Kriyananda, our founder, explains, “The spiritual eye, seen in meditation, is a reflection of the energy as it enters the body through the medulla oblongata. It is a golden circle, with a field of dark blue light inside, and, at the center, a silver-white, five-pointed star.” It is beheld as we concentrate at the point between the eyebrows, an important spiritual energy center called the Christ or Krishna Consciousness Center or 6th chakra. The spiritual eye is a doorway to higher consciousness.

You say you do not meditate but do not say when you are seeing these images. They may be generated from your subconscious. This level of our consciousness is not associated with sensory input from the world. Dream states as well as storage of past experiences and emotionally charged thoughts have their origin in the subconscious. We have two other levels of consciousness. Our conscious mind receives input from our senses and is involved in our activity in the world. Our superconscious mind, which also does not receive input from the senses, is the level of consciousness where we experience higher states of awareness, deep peace, infinite love, the spiritual eye and other divine qualities. Experience at this level is still, expansive, deeply calming and uplifting. In meditation we seek to access superconsciousness. Your experience sounds closest to a subconscious dream state. An important indicator of where your experience is coming from is the feeling associated with it. Is it uplifting, expansive and still which would be superconscious or is it charged with emotion or vagueness/dullness which would be more subconscious?

Your experience has led you to inquire about higher consciousness, and I encourage you to explore meditation technique to help you access it. This How to Meditate Mini-Course is a great place to start.

Many blessings on your spiritual life,
Nayaswami Mukti