Asana of Meditation


When sitting in siddhasana (as a male) , is it possible for "awakened" energy via the perineum to leak out of my body if the sitting form is improper? Sometimes after I sit in siddhasana I feel drained afterwards

—Nick, Canada



I have never heard of this taking place. Do you sit on a woolen blanket? Covered with a silk cloth? Recommendations like these have been given for reasons not unrelated to your question. In India and in the Bhagavad Gita it recommends building your asan (seat) first with kusha grass (but of course we don’t have that here in the western hemisphere!). But the wool and silk recommendation is that of Yogananda’s (not exclusively, however). The reverse counsel is not to sit only on the floor. Gita says the asan should be not too high and not too low!!!! (The Goldilocks plan).

More importantly, are your own thoughts: drawing the energy/prana into the spine through the chakras and raising the energy which coaxes Kundalini to rise to the point between the eyebrows. In other words, what you are experiencing may have more to do with your meditation technique and most importantly with your thoughts or consciousness DURING meditation. This is far more likely to be the culprit. Do you ever go beyond thoughts in meditation?

Are you inclined to meditate with great willpower but perhaps insufficient devotion? This, too, can account for what your report (a draining of energy).

Meditate with joy and you will feel joy! Meditate with devotion and you will uplifted. Use time honored, guru-given techniques known to bring spiritual results. These, more likely than any asana position, are your “best bet.”

I suppose I should inquire, also, if your position is correct, which is to say, simply, giving you a “straight” and natural spinal curvature, upraised chest, shoulders relaxed, head-level, and palms upward on the thighs? Most of us need a certain degree of pelvic lift by a folded blanket or cushion that allows the thighs to be below the hips. Do you feel tension in the legs, feet, or back when you use your position? So, by all means, make sure your asana isn’t creating tension in the body but I assumed you would have addressed that already. Make sense?

ok, joy and blessings to you!

Nayaswami Hriman

Seattle WA