Astral Projection


Is astral projection real? Can a normal person who is not a gyani or guru do it?

—Shubham, India


Dear Shubham,

Astral projection is not a spiritual power we seek to acquire, but indeed it may come to some on their path to enlightenment. Like all spiritual experiences on the way to enlightenment, we cannot be attached to phenomena or powers lest we become diverted from our true goal, self-realization, union with God. In the Autobiography of a Yogi Yogananda writes about some saints who astrally project such as in the chapter “The Saint with Two Bodies.” If we accept Yogananda’s description as real then astral projection is real.

There is also a chapter in the same book called “Mohammedan Wonder-Worker” where a devotee, as a young boy, was gifted by his master with the spiritual power to have his slightest wish fulfilled on the material plane. Alas, he became attached to his power and greedy. He demonstrated his powers often as a public spectacle and used the powers to steal from the crowds. Eventually, his master came to him and revoked his power except to allow him to have food and clothing that he needed as he went into seclusion to practice austerity and become free of this evil tendency.

You can read both of these chapters free at our site.

The masters of every age including Yogananda advise us to seek God for His love, not for His gifts. We will receive what we need at the time that we need it for our spiritual growth.

Many blessings on your search for the Divine Presence in your life.

-Nayaswami Mukti