How to Avoid Kundalini Rising in an Unpleasant Way?



I once experienced kundalini rising, a year ago, when I started intense meditations from Internet on third eye before I was a member of yogoda.

The only symptom that freaked me out was sudden hot energy at root chakra, and I stopped meditations immediately as I feared I would become a psycho.

What should I do in case this happens again and shocks me? as I don’t have much guidance other than Yogoda lessons.

Thank you for showing us light.

—V, India


Dear V,

Kundalini is the vast reservoir of prana located at the base of the astral (energy) spine, near the coccyx (tailbone). It exerts a magnetic pull that keeps us in a mindset of being separate and limited, rather than our true state of oneness with all that is.

For spiritual progress to take place, it is essential to awaken kundalini, to lift the kundalini energy upward in the spine, towards the spiritual eye. This is the aim of all yoga techniques.

Normally, the awakening of kundalini is an incredibly joyful experience. However, in rare cases, kundalini can rise in an unpleasant way, because some area of the body, usually a part of the astral spine is not prepared to handle the quantity of prana that is trying to pass through it.

You can think of too much voltage trying to move through an electrical circuit. This prana might be rising as a result of practicing some technique, but the rising could also be unrelated to any technique. It seems that in your case, it was a result of an intense practice that was done prematurely, and your body was not ready to handle.

Fortunately, there are safe strategies that both awaken kundalini and strengthen the body’s circuitry to receive that energy.

You need to work with kundalini’s energy sensitively; never try to dominate it or force it in some way. Especially, never try to raise kundalini forcibly, from below. Avoid violent breathing exercises or repeated impacts on the lower spine to awaken energy there.

The meditation techniques that Paramhansa Yogananda gave are safe to practice, and awaken the kundalini energy gently.

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Nayaswami Diksha