Awakening the Christ Center


How to concentrate on christ centre?

—bayazid, pakistan


This is a good question you have and very good karma to have a desire to awaken the Christ center and achieve the Christ consciousness. This state is achieved by meditation and focusing all your attention at the point between the eyebrows. Anything that you can do to increase the upward flow of energy in your body when you meditate will facilitate your efforts to focus your attention at the Christ center. For your attention is your energy. Thus your degree of concentration depends entirely on how much energy you can direct in the process. That awakening depends upon channeling all of your energy upward, and focusing it at the point between the eyebrows. Practice your meditation techniques, develop the devotion of the heart and avoid actions and activity that pull your energy downward. But most of all after meditation pray to God in the language of you heart to bless your efforts in meditation. Pray to feel the love and peace in your heart that will lead you to that Christ Consciousness. Blessings on your efforts.