Awakening the Divine Flow of Energy


I do Hong Sau, concentrate on the point between the eyebrows and watch my breath, but I’m unable to go into meditation. I barely am able to meditate. Where am I going wrong?

—Tanya, India


Thank you for your question. It is not an unusual question as we begin to develop the meditation habit. There is never a wrong way to meditate but possibly a ‘better’ approach. Remember patience and devotion is a sure path to God.

Check to make sure you are practicing the technique correctly with the minister that gave you the technique. Then set your mind to perfect your practice with discipline and concentration.

The divine awakening that you seek depends upon channeling all of your energy upward and focusing at the point between the eyebrows. To get to that place of focus, discipline, and devotion are important.

Avoid actions or states of consciousness that keep your energy ‘stuck’ in a downward flow. Such as poor diet, too much sleep, laziness, identifying with outward things. Instead fill your time with enthusiasm, high-minded thinking, and helping others. Actions that bring about self forgetfulness will lift your energy in a upward flow.

Most of all develop devotional aspiration by chanting, service and surrender to God and Guru. This allows the awareness to soar to the Infinite. In the language of your heart, with gratitude for all you have now and with self offering, ask God for His guidance and blessings on your meditations and in your life. He will hear you and give you whispers in your receptive heart on how to improve the meditations. Also, never give up. Continue everyday to meditate.

Many blessings on your efforts.